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The complex and dynamic international scenario where companies must develop is demanding and full of risks, which makes legitimacy and a license to operate essential for long-term development and survival.


In the post-COVID-19 era, that condition will be no less if not more urgent. The use of a business diplomacy that looks towards the construction of relations merely oriented to the interest of the shareholders will penalize the companies, if this does not contribute to the common good. Thus, internationalized companies and multinationals that ignore this reality will continue to be involved in frequent dynamics that accept and assume the inevitability of corporate irregularities, tax evasion, failure to comply with human rights or overexploitation of human and natural resources.


Therefore, a definition of business diplomacy should confront companies with fundamental questions such as what is the purpose of their business or what is their role in global society. Fortunately, the awareness among large companies that their purpose is to serve the common good is growing and in this sense, there is a need for future research.